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1.Displacement: 243cc-498cc
2.Machine warranty 1 year | core components warranty 1 year
3.Custom logo, color, crankshaft, packaging, graphics
We provide different types of diesel engines,such as Diesel Engine Single Cylinder,V-Twin Diesel Engine 2 Cylinder.Our products are air-cooled, 4-stroke diesel engines.

What Types Of Diesel Engines Do We Have?

● Diesel Engine Single Cylinder

S173F(E) Single Diesel Engine
Fuel tank capacity (L):2.5
S186FA(new) Single Diesel Engine
Fuel tank capacity (L):5.5
S1100F Single Diesel Engine
Fuel tank capacity (L):5.5

● V-Twin Diesel Engine 2 Cylinder

S2V88FE Diesel Engine 2 Cylinder
Displacement (L): 0.912
Net weight (kg):83
S2V98FE Diesel Engine 2 Cylinder
Displacement (L): 1.326
Net weight (kg):92
S2V100FE Diesel Engine 2 Cylinder
Displacement (L): 1.382
Net weight (kg):92
SL292FE Diesel Engine 2 Cylinder
Displacement (L): 0.997
Net weight (kg):78

Composition of Diesel Engine

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01.Fuel Injection Pump System (BOSCH)

The fuel injection pump system is sourced from the renowned brand "BOSCH."This choice is emphasized as it ensures more even and effective fuel injection.BOSCH is well-known for its high-quality automotive components, and using their fuel injection pump contributes to efficient engine performance.

02.Oil Bath Type Air Cleaner (Optional Choice)

The text mentions an oil bath type air cleaner as an optional choice.This suggests that users have the flexibility to choose this type of air cleaner based on their specific requirements.Oil bath air cleaners are known for their effective filtration and ability to handle dusty environments.

03.Muffler (Domestic Supplier)

The engine uses a muffler from the best domestic supplier.This choice is made to ensure a nice design and stable quality.A muffler plays a crucial role in reducing noise produced by the engine and contributes to overall system stability.

04.Air Filter

The air filter is characterized by good filtering properties, and its vane design is mentioned to enhance intake performance.A well-designed air filter is essential for maintaining clean air intake, preventing contaminants from entering the engine, and optimizing performance.

05.Recoil Starter

The recoil starter is described as easy and reliable.The spare parts inside the recoil starter are mentioned to ensure a remarkable 15,000 starting times.This highlights the durability and reliability of the starter mechanism, a crucial component for the engine's usability.

06.Bearings (C&U, NSK, IKO, SKF)

The bearings used in the engine are from reputable brands like C&U, NSK, IKO, and SKF.These brands are recognized for producing high-quality bearings, and their inclusion in the engine system ensures reliable and durable engine operating performance. Quality bearings contribute to smooth operation & longevity.

Engine Parts Detailed Advantage

Starting Motor

100% Copper core
Electric Start

Injection Pum“Nj”Brand

Nj”Brand belongs to
BOSCH group

Fuel TankMuffler

Strengthen & thicken plate
Specialpainting process
Seam welding process
Emboss Customized Logo


Increase the silencer
Reduce noise

Recoil Starter

Smooth & Reliable Pulling Rope
Ensures  15000+ pulling times

Voltage Stabilizer

Stable voltage
to make the battery charging
more stable and safer

The Different Types of Applications of Diesel Engine

Road Roller

A road roller is used to compact soil, gravel and asphalt on surfaces such as roads and parking lots. The diesel engine provides enough power to allow the roller to effectively complete the compaction of the soil or pavement.

Tamping Hammer

Tamping hammer is often used to vibrate soil or other foundations to increase the density of soil. The diesel engine provides enough power to the tamping hammer to enable it to generate powerful vibrating forces.


The crusher is used to break large pieces of stone or concrete into smaller particles. A diesel engine powers the crusher, enabling it to handle a variety of hard materials.

Concrete Cutter

A tool used to cut hard materials such as concrete and bricks. The diesel engine provides enough power for the concrete cutter to perform precise and efficient cutting work on the construction site.

Power Roller

A power roller is used in road construction to compact soil or gravel to create a solid roadbed. The high torque output of a diesel engine is essential for pushing and operating the power drum.


Cranes are used to lift and move heavy objects, such as construction materials, structures and equipment. A diesel engine powers the crane, enabling it to carry out a variety of lifting and handling operations.

What Can We Customize For You?

1.Customized logo: Min.Order:500 Sets
2.Customized packaging: Min.Order:100 Sets
3.Graphic customization: Min.Order:100 Sets
4.Color Options:Color can be customized according tocustomer's needs
5.Optional configuration:Taper Shaft,Key Shaft,Spline Shaft
(For more Crankshaft size please consult our sales personWe can customize the crankshaft accordig to your drawings)
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