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1.Inverter Technology
2.Gasoline Fuel Efficiency
3.Expandable Power
4.Automatic Voltage Regulation
We provide open inverter gasoline and silent inverter gasoline generators, ranging from 3.5kw-8kw. Our intelligent inverter control system can automatically adjust engine speed and multiple machines can be paralleled. We also have a variety of configurations available.

We Have Different Types of Petrol Inverter Generator

Inverter Gasoline Generator (Open)

  • 3.5kw-7.5kw
  • Singe phase
  • European socket
  • Recoil start /electric start
  • 3.5kw-5kw
  • Saving fuel about 10%
  • Light weight, less than 32kg
  • PM brushless alternator

Inverter Gasoline Generator (Silent)

  • 3kw
  • Petrol suitcase inverter generator
  • Recoil start/Electric start/Remote start
  • Switched between 50HZ and 60HZ
  • 0.8kw-8kw
  • Using lithium battery
  • Started in 3 times under-5 to 40 °C
  • Recoil/Electric/Remote start

What’s the Feature of Portable Gasoline Inverter Generator?

Variable speed operation

They adjust the engine speed based on the electrical demand, optimizing fuel efficiency. This feature results in lower fuel consumption and extended run times on a single tank of gasoline.

Expandable power

Our inverter generators can be connected in parallel, allowing users to combine the power output of two generators for increased capacity when needed. This is useful in situations where additional power is required for larger loads.

Digital displays

Our some models come with digital displays showing essential information such as fuel level, runtime, and load, providing users with real-time data for better monitoring and management.

Pure sine wave output

Some of models produce a clean sine wave output, making them suitable for sensitive electronics that may be affected by fluctuations or distortion in power quality.

The Different Types of Applications of Inverter Gasoline Generator

Home backup power

Powering home party appliances, lights, and electronic devices with clean and quiet energy.

Events and outdoor exhibitions

Supplying electricity for outdoor events, exhibitions, and fairs with a compact and quiet power solution.

Remote Work Sites

Offering a portable power solution for remote work locations, ensuring access to electricity for various needs.
Jiangsu Excalibur Power Machinery Co.,Ltd. was founded in November 2014 (be referred as “Excalibur”), we are an expert special-ized in manufacturing: Engines,Generators,Water Pumps Light construction equipmentsGardon and Agriculture machinery.
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