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1.Dual Functionality
2.Fuel Options
3.Auxiliary Power Outlets
We provide diesel/gasoline/inverter welder generators with 180 amp/200amp/300amp. There are also generators for different voltages, like  220v welder, and 240v generator for welding. We also provide a series of accessories for you.

The Different Types of Mobile Welder Generator

  • 2kw-6.5kw rated output
  • 50A-300A Welding current
  • Manual / Electric Start
  • 4h-9.1h running time
  • 1.8kw-3kw rated output
  • 50A-230A welding current
  • Manual / Electric Start
  • 13h running time
  • 4.6kw-12kw rated output
  • 20A-300A Welding current
  • Manual  /Electric Start
  • 5.8h-13h running time

The Different Comparisons of Portable Generator for Welding Machine


Diesel Welder Generator

Gasoline Welder Generator

Inverter Welder Generator

Fuel Type



Gasoline or Propane

Fuel Efficiency

More efficient

Less efficient

Highly efficient

Running Cost

Typically lower

Typically higher

Moderate to high

Power Output

High torque, better for heavy-duty applications

Typically lower than diesel

Precise control, suitable for various applications


Typically heavier and bulkier

Lighter and more compact

Lightweight and portable


Longer runtime per gallon

Shorter runtime per gallon

Depends on fuel efficiency


Generally requires less maintenance

Regular maintenance required

Generally low maintenance

Initial Cost

Higher initial cost

Lower initial cost

Moderate to high initial cost

Noise Level

Generally louder

Quieter than diesel

Quiet operation

Environmental Impact

Lower emissions

Higher emissions

Lower emissions


Suitable for heavy-duty welding and power generation

Limited to moderate-duty applications

Versatile, suitable for various applications


Construction, industrial, agricultural

Construction, DIY projects

Construction, maintenance, DIY




Inverter technology for precise control

Control Features

Variable voltage and amperage settings

Basic controls

Advanced controls, precise adjustments

Remote Control Capability

Some models offer remote control

Rarely available

Available in many models

What's the Feature of Genset for Welding Machine?

Dual Functionality

Welding generators can perform various types of welding including Stick (SMAW), MIG (GMAW), TIG (GTAW) and Flux Cored Welding. In addition to welding, these units generate electricity and can therefore be used for a variety of applications.


Designed to be portable with wheels and handles, they are easy for transportation. This mobility is particularly useful in construction sites, agricultural settings, and other outdoor locations.

Safety features

Our power generator for welding machine prioritize safety with features like thermal overload protection and automatic shutdown mechanisms. These safeguards prevent equipment damage and prioritize user well-being during welding operations.

Auxiliary power outlets

Generator set for welding machine often feature multiple power outlets, including 120V and 240V sockets. This versatility enables users to power various tools and devices concurrently, enhancing efficiency in welding setups.

What Welder Generator Accessories Do We Offer?


A welder's mask or welding helmet protects the face and eyes from bright lights and sparks during the welding process. Essential for safety, it ensures protection and visibility for welders.

Welding clamp

Welding clamps securely hold workpieces in place during welding, ensuring accuracy and stability. They facilitate precise positioning for optimal welding outcomes in metal fabrication.

Earth welding pliers

Earth welding pliers are versatile tools, essential for precise metalwork. With a sturdy grip and adjustable tension, they ensure seamless welding & fabrication, enhancing efficiency in various applications.

The Different Types of Applications of Generator Welding Set

Construction and fabrication

They are essential on construction sites for welding structural components, fabricating metal structures, and making on-the-spot repairs. The portability of these generators makes them ideal for outdoor construction projects.

Emergency repairs and maintenance

In emergency situations or for urgent repairs, they offer a quick and flexible solution. Whether it's repairing farm equipment, fixing a broken gate, or addressing issues in remote locations, these generators provide immediate welding capabilities.

Remote and off-grid operations

They are crucial in locations without access to a power grid. Remote construction sites, agricultural fields, or mining operations often rely on these generators to provide both welding functionality and auxiliary power for tools and equipment.

Versatile power source for multiple tools

Beyond welding, they typically include power outlets such as 120V and 240V sockets. This versatility allows simultaneous operation of various tools and devices, making them valuable on job sites where multiple tasks require electrical power.
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