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1.Precision Welding
2.Lightweight design
3.Equiped with accessories
We provide inverter diesel gasoline welder generators, with three-phase voltage. They are equipped with IGBT technology, a quick welding connector,3 in 1 display&welding current display.

We Have Different Types of Inverter Generators Welding

● Inverter diesel welder generator

  • Open frame with 4.6-6.5kva
  • 20A-230A Rated Welding Current DC
  • Manual / Electric Start
  • Open frame with 12kw
  • 20A-300A Rated Welding Current DC
  • Manual / Electric Start
  • Slient device with 4.6/5.0KW(72dB at 7 meters)
  • 20A-230A Rated Welding Current DC
  • Electric Start

● Inverter gasoline welder generator

  • Open frame with 7kw
  • 20A-230A Rated Welding Current DC
  • Manual / Electric start

What’s the Feature of Welding with Inverter Generator

IGBT technology and smartmodule

Ensure mutiple protectlons for overheating
and undervoltage, avoiding damage to the machine

Energy saving and higher efficiency

Saving around 25% fuel than traditional welding machine

Fuel injector& pump come from the
most famous brand in China- -NJ

DKJ 35- -50 quick welding connector

Improve working fficlency

City power connector

Ensures weldling under city power(optlonal)

3 in 1 display & welding current display

Varlous digital dlsplay options

The Accessories of Generator for Inverter Welding Machine


A welding mask, a vital safety gear, shields the face and eyes from intense light and sparks during welding, ensuring protection and visibility.

Welding clamp

Welding clamps securely hold workpieces in place during welding, ensuring precise alignment and stability for accurate and efficient welding processes.

Earth welding pliers

Earth welding pliers provide a sturdy grip and precise control for welding tasks. Essential for grounding and ensuring seamless metalwork in fabrication.

Quick connector

The connector expedites welding setup with swift and secure attachment. Designed for efficiency, it ensures rapid and reliable connections, optimizing the welding process in diverse applications.

The Different Types of Applications of Inverter Welder Generator

On-Site construction

IThey are ideal for on-site construction projects, providing a portable and efficient power source for welding tasks in diverse locations.

Maintenance and repairs

Well-suited for maintenance and repair work, they offers precision control, making it valuable for repairing machinery, equipment, and structural elements.

Metal fabrication

Widely used in metal fabrication workshops, they ensures precise and controlled welding for crafting and assembling various metal components and structures.
Jiangsu Excalibur Power Machinery Co.,Ltd. was founded in November 2014 (be referred as “Excalibur”), we are an expert special-ized in manufacturing: Engines,Generators,Water Pumps Light construction equipmentsGardon and Agriculture machinery.
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