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2.High fuel efficiency, economical and practical
3.Easy to start and easy to operate
4.Suitable for a variety of equipment, vehicles
We provide gasoline engines with different mounting types, such as vertical and horizontal gasoline engines. The gasoline engine is designed to be Semi-drypil bath, dual, double silentand cyclone type, and Air Cleaner.

What Types Of Gasoline Engine Do We Have?

● Vertical Gasoline Engine

S20 Gasoline Engine

Bore*stroke (mm):67*52
Displacement (cm³):183
Fuel tank capacity (L):3.8

S28D Gasoline Engine

Bore*stroke (mm):75*62
Displacement (cm³):273
Fuel tank capacity (L):5.5

S32D Gasoline Engine

Bore*stroke (mm):77*67
Displacement (cm³):312
Fuel tank capacity (L):5.5

● Horizontal Gasoline Engine

S200 Gasoline Engine

Bore*stroke (mm):68*54
Displacement (cc):196
Fuel tank capacity (L):3.6

S500 Gasoline Engine

Bore*stroke (mm):94*72
Displacement (cc):500
Fuel tank capacity (L):6.9

Composition Of Gasoline Engine

Cylinder Block and Cylinder Head

The cylinder block is the main structure of the engine and contains multiple cylinders, each with a piston. The cylinder head is mounted on top of the cylinder block, sealing the upper part of the cylinder and containing the valve and spark plug.


Cylindrical components within the engine cylinder, move up and down, linked to the crankshaft by connecting rods. This conversion of reciprocating motion to rotary motion is pivotal in the internal combustion engine's operation.


Positioned at the engine's base, is a vital component. Linked to the piston by a connecting rod, it transforms piston's vertical motion into crankshaft's rotation, propelling vehicles or machinery.

Valves and Valve Train

Valves are valves located on the cylinder head that control the entry of air and fuel into the cylinder and the discharge of exhaust gases. The valve mechanism includes camshaft, valve spring, rocker arm and other parts.

Fuel System

The fuel system is responsible for injecting gasoline into the cylinders to mix with air to form a combustible mixture. It includes fuel pump, fuel nozzle, fuel filter and fuel pressure regulator and other components.

Ignition System

The ignition system generates a high-voltage electrical spark through an ignition plug to ignite a mixture of fuel and air. It comprises an ignition coil, a distributor, an ignition plug and an ignition control module, etc.

Cooling System

The system keeps the engine operating within the proper temperature range by circulating a coolant (usually a mixture of water and antifreeze). It includes water pump, radiator, fan and coolant circulation pipe, etc.

Air Intake System

The air intake system is responsible for bringing air into the engine to mix with fuel. It includes air filters, throttle valves (such as throttle valves), air intake lines and air quality sensors.

Engine Parts Detailed Advantage

Oil Filter

The oil is filterd twice,minimize the friction damage caused by impurities in the oil foreach parts inside the engine

New Air Filter Design

The air filter is upgraded to automotive nano level

Injector & Bearings

BOSCH injector can be adopted,main bearings can use the brand SKF

High-quality Components

BOSCH brand pump nozzle

ensure excellentatomization effect, highly improve the engine's power and fuel economy ofengineadapt to higher emission standard.

Schaeffler bearing
ensure engine high precision running.
lower noise, longer service time.

ATG piston ring
labyrinth air leakage circuit increasing air leakage resistance, reduce air leakage ensure stable engine performance.

The Different Types of Applications of Gasoline Engine


Gasoline engines are one of the most common sources of power for cars. Almost all types of cars such as cars, trucks, SUVs and sports cars can use gasoline engines.


Many motorcycles have gasoline engines, whether they are city bikes, cruise bikes or sport bikes.

Light trucks and vans

Minivans and vans typically carry gasoline engines and are used to transport goods and people.
Recreational and sports vehicles
For example, beach motorcycles, SUVs, dirt bikes, golf carts, etc., are usually equipped with gasoline engines.

Gardening & agricultural equipment

Small farm tractors, lawn mowers, snow plows, irrigation pumps, and other equipment often use gasoline engines.

Generator sets

Some portable and backup generator sets feature gasoline engines to provide emergency power or for use in places without grid power.

Small boats

Small boats, yachts, rowboats, etc., usually use gasoline engines as a power source.
Gasoline engines can also be used in light aircraft and some special application aircraft (such as small drones).
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