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1.Highly fuel-efficient
2.Suited for various applications
3.Having longer operational life
We provide different types of diesel generators with AVR, such as open diesel /silent generator /inverter generator with 3kw/5kw/10kw/15kw . We also have air-cooled and water-cooled equipment available. Diesel fuel available in 0#/-10#/-35#. 

We Have Different Types of Diesel Fuel Generator

  • Large all-copper motor
  • Convenient mobile design
  • New hand-pulled tray design
  • Equal power conversion panels
  • Open-frame structure with no soundproofing or enclosure
  • Large all-copper motor
  • High strength protective housing
  • Intelligent monitoring digital meter
  • Mobile-friendly design
  • Equal power conversion panels
  • Triple noise reduction design(72db-78db)
  • 2KVA
  • Only used for cars
  • Diesel Powered
  • Electric Start 
  • Permanent magnet motor
  • Low noise control below 72 db

The Different Comparisons of Diesel Generator


12V Open Diesel Generator

12V Silent Diesel Generator

24V DC Diesel Generator

Voltage Output





Open (No soundproofing)

Silent (Soundproof enclosure)

Open (No soundproofing)

Noise Level

Higher noise due to no enclosure

Lower noise due to soundproofing

Higher noise due to no enclosure


Outdoor and less noise-sensitive areas

Areas where noise control is important

Outdoor and less noise-sensitive areas


Typically portable


Typically portable

Power Output

Commonly used for smaller applications

Suitable for various applications

Commonly used for smaller applications

Use Cases

Construction sites, outdoor events

Residential areas, events, sensitive environments

Construction sites, outdoor events

Voltage Compatibility

Common in automotive and small equipment

Common in automotive and small equipment

Suitable for 24V systems

Common Industries

Construction, agriculture

Residential, events, film production

Construction, agriculture

Battery Charging Capability

Typically limited

May have integrated charging capabilities

Typically limited

The Differents Watts of Diesel Powered Generators

● Small-scale power needs, residential backup, and basic tools.
● Generally high for its smaller power output.
● Residential backup, small businesses, and construction sites.
● Balance power output with efficiency.
● Backup power for medium-sized enterprises and large construction sites.
● Typically moderate power output.
● Larger residential backup, and construction projects with heavy machinery.
● Varied based on load, be lower at higher outputs.
● Commercial and industrial use, larger facilities, and backup power for critical systems.
● Depend on the model&load, lower at higher outputs.
● Industrial facilities, hospitals, and critical infrastructure with higher power demands.
● Designed for efficiency at moderate to high loads.

Optional Choice for Diesel Fuel Generator


24 hours intelligent control system, power outage automatically start power supply, incoming power automatically stop power generation
Portable Type
Side Attached Type
Table Type
Suitcase Type
CODE: EX- ATS -004


The digital meter of a generator provides real-time data on voltage, frequency, and operating hours, ensuring accurate monitoring and maintenance
5in1: V.A.F.P.T
5in1: V.A.P,F ,oil alert
CODE: EX -DM-004
HGM501: Multifunctional Display
CODE: EX -DM-005
Suitable for different occasions of voltage demand switching use
Output voltage 220V, generally applicable to household appliances.
Output voltage 380V, commonly used in the construction of three-phase four-wire.
Dual voltage
220V-380V, Dual voltage can be switched, applicable to a variety of electrical appliances.

What’s the Feature of Diesel Generator ?

Copper quality motor
We use full copper quality motor,which ensures that when the generator is in operation, current is transmitted more efficiently through the copper conductors, reducing resistance and increasing the efficiency of energy transfer.
Low oil alarm
When the oil level drops to the lower limit of safe operation, the system will issue an alarm to remind operation and maintenance personnel to add oil in time to prevent generator damage due to insufficient oil.
Automatic Voltage Regulation (AVR)
They will monitor the current and voltage and automatically adjust the voltage regulator to ensure that the output voltage remains within a safe and stable range, preventing damage to connected equipment due to voltage fluctuations.
Overload protection
Once the load exceeds the rated capacity of the generator, the system will immediately cut off the power supply to prevent it from being overloaded, thus protecting the equipment from being overloaded.
High-Temperature Protection
Their high temperatures during operation, especially during continuous operation or under high load conditions. The High-Temperature Protection system monitors the temperature when it reaches a dangerous level to prevent overheating.
Short Circuit Protection
The system is equipped with a short circuit protection function that will cut off the power supply as soon as a short circuit is detected to prevent excessive current from damaging the generator or connected equipment.

The Different Types of Applications of Diesel Generator

As Emergency Backup Power, they are often used in various applications where a reliable source of electricity is needed, especially in situations where a stable electrical grid may not be available or during power outages.

Diesel generator for home

They provide backup power for homes during blackouts, ensuring essential appliances and systems like refrigeration, heating, and medical equipment continue to function.

Small diesel generator for camping

They used for camping, concerts, outdoor events, and film sets to provide temporary power for lighting, sound systems, and catering equipment.

Diesel generator for construction

They are commonly employed at construction sites to run power tools, equipment, and temporary lighting.

Diesel generator for agriculture

Farms often use them for irrigation pumps, barns, and other agricultural equipment, ensuring the continuity of farm operations.

Diesel generator for telecom towers

Mobile cell towers and communication networks use them as backup power sources to maintain continuous network coverage, especially in areas prone to frequent power outages.

Diesel generator for marine and offshore

They are used on ships, boats, and offshore platforms to generate electricity for propulsion, navigation, lighting, and onboard systems.
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