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1.High fuel efficiency
2.Strong torque
3.Long life and durability
We offer kerosene engines with cylinder diameter and piston stroke of 67*52mm, 67*52mm, 67*52mm respectively, with maximum output power of 5.0HP, 4.3HP, 6.0HP

Our Classic Kerosene Engine

● S20K Kerosene Engine




Air-cooled, 4 cycle, single cylinder, side valve

Bore*stroke (mm)


Displacement (cm³)


Rated Output kW (HP)/rpm

2.3 (3.1) / 3600

Max Output kW (HP)/rpm

3.2 (4.3) / 4000

Direction of Rotation

Counterclockwise, facing PTO shaft


Kerosene (automobile gasoline when starting >90#)

Fuel Consumption (L/h)


Fuel Tank Capacity (L)


Lubricating Oil Capacity (L)


Spark Plug


Starting System

Recoil starter

Packing Size (L*W*H)mm


Net Weight (kg)


Composition Of Kerosene Engine


An engine usually consists of one or more cylinders in which fuel is burned to produce power.


The piston is a part of the cylinder that moves up and down and is connected to the crankshaft by connecting rods to convert the pressure of the gas into rotating power.


The crankshaft is the main shaft that connects the piston to the transmission system, converting the up and down motion into rotary motion.

Ignition System

For diesel engines, compression ignition is usually used without the need for an ignition system. However, in some cases a preheating device may be required to ensure that the fuel is easily ignited.

Fuel System

Includes the fuel supply system, covering the fuel pump, fuel nozzle, etc., to ensure that the right amount of fuel enters the cylinder for combustion.

Cooling System

The system used to maintain the engine temperature, for air-cooled engines, this may include components such as heat sinks and fans.

Product Feature

1.Recoil Starter

The original recoil starter is designed to make starting the engine easier and ensure stable performance.

2.Air Filter Element

The engine is equipped with a domestic top-quality air filter element made of high-grade foam. This material is specified as anti-petrol and easy to clean.


The engine comes with the original muffler, providing better soundproofing performance.

4.Valve Clearance Method

A unique valve clearance method is employed to ensure the engine's good performance.

Suggested Accessory

The Different Types of Applications of Gasoline Engine

Small agricultural machinery

Due to the relatively small size of this engine, it may be suitable for small agricultural machinery, such as micro tractors, tillers, lawn mowers, etc.

Small pumps

Can be used for small pumps to meet some irrigation or water supply needs.

Light construction equipment

May be suitable for small construction equipment, such as light vibration rollers, small concrete mixers, etc.
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