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1.Excellent pumping performance
2.Reliable pressure output
3.Meet a variety of application requirements
We provide 2-inch, 3-inch, and 4-inch high pressure water pumps.We have high pressure pumps with gasoline type and diesel type in two different fuel types.

What Types of High Pressure Water Pump Do We Have?

We offer two products: High Pressure Aluminum Pump and High Pressure Cast Iron Pump.


High Pressure Aluminum Pump

Total Head(m):65
Max delivery volume(m³/h):30
Starting system:Manual start


High Pressure Cast Iron Pump

Total Head(m):55
Max delivery volume(m³/h):120
Starting system:Manual start

Engine Features & Benefits

Fuel System Technology

Cylinder head using low-pressure casting aluminum alloy, intake andexhaust passages reasonable designed, air-tight fully inspected,ensure sufficient burning providing stable and excellent performance.

Air Cleaner System

This high-grade air filter provides excellent protection for engines, featuring strong anti-petrol properties and high filtering efficacy. Its unique design, with 52 folding edges, maximizes intake area.

Advanced Noise-reduce Design

Unique wholly-wrap type silencer, improve noise reduction effect and control engine temperature rise, in order to meet high-end market requirement.

Optional Configuration

Bottom Valve

The bottom valve is a valve installed at the inlet of the pump to prevent water backflow and maintain the water absorption capacity of the pump. It allows water to be sucked in from the ground or other sources without returning.

PIPE connector

Pipe connector is used to connect the pump to the pipe system. This is a key component in ensuring smooth water transmission and is commonly used for imports and exports.

Quick Connector

A quick connector is a convenient connection device used to quickly connect and disconnect a water pump from other pipes or equipment. This helps simplify the maintenance and installation process.

Applications of High Pressure Water Pump

Agricultural irrigation

Used to provide high-pressure water sources to meet farmland irrigation needs and ensure adequate water supply for plants.

Industrial applications

In the industrial sector, high-pressure pumps are often used to clean equipment, pipes and other facilities, as well as to provide high-pressure water power in the production process.

Fire fighting system

Used to supply the high-pressure water flow required by the fire fighting system to ensure that the fire source can be effectively extinguished in an emergency.

Construction sites

On construction sites, high-pressure pumps are used to cut concrete, clean the site, and perform other construction and maintenance tasks.

Cleaning services

In commercial and domestic cleaning services, high pressure pumps are often used to clean building facades, vehicles, roads and other surfaces.

Sewage treatment

In the sewage treatment process, high-pressure pumps are used to transport, clean & treat sewage to ensure the normal operation of the sewage treatment system.
Jiangsu Excalibur Power Machinery Co.,Ltd. was founded in November 2014 (be referred as “Excalibur”), we are an expert special-ized in manufacturing: Engines,Generators,Water Pumps Light construction equipmentsGardon and Agriculture machinery.
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