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1.Dual Functionality
2.Conveniently Portable
3.Fuel Efficiency
We provide A high speed, diesel engine-driven welder/generator capable of AC or DC single phase multi-purpose welding, ranging from 1.8kw-6.5kw. Ideal for remote locations, it provides on-site welding and auxiliary power for various applications.

We Have Different Types of Diesel Generator and Welder

● Open diesel welder generator

  • 1.8kw-5.0kw
  • 50A-180A Rated Welding Current DC
  • 5.8h Continuous Running Time
  • Manual /Electric Start
  • 3.5/4.0kw
  • 50A-300A Rated Welding Current DC
  • 5.3h Continuous Running Time
  • Electric Start

● Silent diesel welder generator

  • 1.8-6.5kw
  • 50A-230A Rated Welding Current DC
  • 69-72dB (Within 7 meters)
  • Electric Start
  • 1.8-6.5kw
  • 50A-230A Rated Welding Current DC
  • 69-72dB (Within 7 meters)
  • Electric Start

● 550-600A Diesel welder generator

  • S30000DW
  • S1 8000DEWi

The Different Comparisons of Diesel Powered Welder Generator


Open Diesel Welder Generator

Silent Diesel Welder Generator

Noise Level

Higher (No soundproofing)

Lower (Equipped with soundproofing)


No enclosure

Soundproof enclosure for protection


More compact and lighter

Less portable due to added weight


Generally lower upfront cost

Higher upfront cost due to features


Suitable for outdoor use

Ideal for noise-sensitive areas


What’s the Feature of Portable Diesel Welder Generator?

Generator function

In addition to welding, these units generate electrical power. This feature is useful for providing on-site power for tools, lights, and other equipment, especially in areas where a traditional power source may not be readily available.


As the name suggests, they are portable. They often come with handles or wheels, making them easy to transport from one job site to another. Construction workers and outdoor sportsmen especially like this tool.

Diesel engine

They are typically powered by diesel engines. Diesel engines are known for their fuel efficiency, durability, and reliability, making them well-suited for the demands of construction and industrial settings.

Rugged construction

These machines are built to withstand harsh working environments. Their rugged housings protect the internal components from dust, debris and potential damage, resulting in a longer service life.

The Different Types of Applications of Diesel Generator Welding Machine

Infrastructure projects

Used in infrastructure development, such as welding tasks related to the construction of bridges, highways, and tunnels.

Pipeline welding

Essential for welding pipelines in the oil and gas industry, providing mobility and power for welding operations in remote locations.

Mining operations

Used in mining applications for on-site welding needs, where access to a stable power source may be limited.

Agricultural settings

In farming operations, they are instrumental for onsite welding tasks, contributing to equipment repair and fabrication needs.
Jiangsu Excalibur Power Machinery Co.,Ltd. was founded in November 2014 (be referred as “Excalibur”), we are an expert special-ized in manufacturing: Engines,Generators,Water Pumps Light construction equipmentsGardon and Agriculture machinery.
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