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1.Special mufler design
2.Vibration Isolation
3.Cooling Systems
We provide 3kw/7kw/8kw/10kw/12kw silent diesel generators with single/3 phase . Noise can be controlled within 72-78 dB. We have a soundproof cotton chassis and a special muffler design to reduce the noise without affecting other people's rest.

We Have Different Types of  Slent Diesel Generator Set

  • With air cooled 
  • Noise control at 72 dB
  • Electric start
  • With water cooled 
  • Noise control at 72 dB
  • Electric start
  • With air cooled 
  • Noise control at 72 dB
  • Electric start
  • With air cooled 
  • Noise control at 73 dB
  • Electric start
  • With air cooled 
  • Noise control at 72 dB
  • Electric start
  • With air cooled 
  • Noise control at 73 dB-78dB
  • Electric start

What’re the Optional Parts of Silent Diesel Generator Set?

a: The silent diesel generator equips with 4x4" universal wheels to ensure easier mobility.
c: The ATS uninterruptible power supply system allows users to have a stable power supply at all times.
b: Digital multifunctional panel and smart panel,enables the generater's status clear to the user.
d: The remote control makes it easy to turn the unit on and off, which is especially handy for inaccessible applications.

What’s the Feature of Our Soundless Diesel Generator?

  • Special exhaust device design ensures that the internal temperature of the generator is balanced, so that the whole generator set always works under the optimal temperature.
  • Larger fuel tank design for longer working time.
  • The airtight design of the generator and the special muffler design can reduce the noise and better protect the environment. Imported magnetic valve with Bosch fuel injection system makes the engine more stable and durable.
  • In order to make the engine more stable and durable, we are equipped with imported magnetic valve with Bosch fuel injection system.
  • Our large selection of generators also includes single phase and three phase silent diesel generator designed for three-phase applications.

The Different Types  of Applications of Low Noise Diesel Generator

Actually, quiet diesel engines are used in applications with high environmental requirements,such as:

Residential Areas

In residential neighborhoods and communities, silent diesel generator for home is preferred for backup power solutions. Their low noise levels ensure minimal disturbance to residents, making them suitable for use in suburban and urban environments.

Hospitals and Healthcare Facilities

Healthcare facilities prioritize a quiet environment for patients. Silent diesel generators are employed to provide backup power without creating additional noise, ensuring that medical equipment can continue to operate seamlessly during power outages.

Educational Institutions

Schools, colleges, and universities often use quiet diesel generators for backup power, especially during exams or other critical periods. 
The low noise emissions help maintain a conducive learning environment.

Historical Sites and Museums

In locations with historical significance or museums, maintaining a serene environment is important. Quiet diesel generators are chosen to provide backup power without disturbing the cultural or historical ambiance.

Nature Reserves & Wildlife Sanctuaries

In environmentally sensitive areas, such as nature reserves and wildlife sanctuaries, maintaining a quiet atmosphere is essential to avoid disturbing wildlife. Silent diesel generators can be employed for power needs without causing noise pollution.

Recreational Vehicles (RVs) & Campgrounds

Quiet diesel generators are popular in RVs and campgrounds where outdoor enthusiasts seek a peaceful camping experience.The low-noise operation of the generator ensures that the surrounding natural environment is not spoiled and does not disturb other campers.
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